FreeSewing 2.20: Would you like it smaller? [Non traduit]

24 janvier 2022
Photo by Anna Doschechko [via Pexels]

I'm happy to announce that we've released FreeSewing 2.20, which comes with a feature request that was on our roadmap: Better support for doll clothes. We have some passionate doll enthusiasts in our community which make sense when you consider that our patterns adapt seamlessly to all sorts of measurements, including those of dolls.

But there's another issue that comes up when generating these tiny patterns, that is that while the pattern itself adapts to the doll measurements, things like font sizes and arrows and logos do not. That causes doll patterns to look like a chaotic mess as the things that are typically taking up just a bit of space tend to overwhelm the actual pattern:

Image showing a doll pattern with snippets and text obfuscating the pattern

Image showing a doll pattern with snippets and text scaled down

To make this happen, we've added a new scale setting that you can find under Advanced after enabling Expert mode. We hope those of you making doll clothes will find this useful, and as always we look forward to hearing your feedback.

More in this release

2.20 also packs a bunch of changes and improvements, check the changelog for the full list.

written byJoost De Cock

Joost is FreeSewing's maintainer. As an introvert, he enjoys making clothes and shoes since you don't have to leave the house to do so 🙈

You can follow him as j__st on Twitter or joostdecock on Github.