Announcing Sandy, a circle skirt designed by @AlfyLyr [Non traduit]

01 août 2018
Did you know that Sandy was named after Olivia Newton-John's character in the move Grease?

Ladies and gentlemen --- because who says men can't wear skirts --- I am happy to announce the immeadiate availability of our latest freesewing pattern: the Sandy circle skirt.

Sandy was designed by @AlfaLyr who really did a stellar job. This makes it also another pattern from the freesewing community, something that I'm very excited about.

All the options

As many patterns here at freesewing, Sandy comes with a bunch of options to allow you to customize your skirt to your wishes.

There's options for how much of circle you want (half? full? Something else?), how long you want it, the shape and overlap of the waistband, whether you want pleats, how much hem, and so on.

I can see this becoming rather the success story.
So go and treat yourself to a new skirt, and let @AlfyLyr know how it works out for you.

written byJoost De Cock

Joost is FreeSewing's maintainer. As an introvert, he enjoys making clothes and shoes since you don't have to leave the house to do so 🙈

You can follow him as j__st on Twitter or joostdecock on Github.