The Florent Flat Cap pattern is now available in beta. That's another gift sorted. [Non traduit]

06 décembre 2017
Quentin surrounded by our future robot overlords.

After last month's release of Benjamin, here's another pattern release to channel the dapper gentleman within: the Florent Flat Cap.

Like Benjamin, this pattern was contributed by the freesewing community, rather than yours truly. In this case, it was Quentin Felix who signed for the design.

I asked Quentin if he wanted to write this announcement blog post himself, but he argued that it was time I did something too. He did have this to share though, on his reasons for designing this pattern in the first place:

Quentin on his reasons for designing Florent

I like wearing flat caps myself. I didn't use to, but I have a friend Florent who inspired me to wear them (now you know where the name comes from).

The first time I made a flat cap, it took me ages to scale the pattern to an exact fit, involving a lot of messing about with tracing paper. There's a number of patterns available online for flat caps. But they all come in one size only.

I wanted to make this more accessible to people. And, while I was at it, I also drew on my experience to add some tweaks for a better fit.

For example, this design extends lower at the back of the head, which gives it better hold.

This why should we always have to re-invent the wheel? could pretty much be freesewing's slogan.

It's the season for giving

Florent requires only one measurement: the head circumference. As such, this release is perfectly timed. With the holiday season coming up, here's another gift you can make yourself.

Thanks Quentin!

written byJoost De Cock

Joost is FreeSewing's maintainer. As an introvert, he enjoys making clothes and shoes since you don't have to leave the house to do so 🙈

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