Vos patrons

When you generate a made-to-measure pattern, you can tweak it endlessly, and export it to a variety of formats, including PDF.\ But it remains ephemeral until you save it to your account, so it becomes one of your patterns.

Saving your pattern is optional, but it allows you to re-visit the pattern later, make further tweaks to it or simply download the PDF again.

Vous pouvez enregistrer autant de patrons que vous le souhaitez.

Patterns vs Designs

If you came to this site looking for patterns you might have found them under designs. It's not a super important distinction, but it helps to understand that:

  • Design: One of the styles that we offer. We've got dozens of designs, and you can try them all
  • Pattern: The result of generating one of those styles into a pattern. Nous avons des milliers de patrons stockés pour nos utilisateurs, et certains pourraient être les vôtres